Amy is the consummate talented, caring professional. As a result of her knowledge and extensive experience, her treatments enabled me to return to work without any noticeable swelling much sooner than I or my doctor expected. My sessions with Amy, although therapeutic in nature, were among the most calming, relaxing, enjoyable experiences of my life and obviously facilitated my complete recovery in record time.
~ L.R., age 59
Amy’s treatments significantly reduced the swelling and bruising associated with the extent of my plastic surgery. Amy’s caring attitude, professional expertise and attention to detail significantly contributed to how well I looked and felt post surgery.
~ S.K., age 53
Amy’s professional expertise and dedication to the objective of speeding up the healing process for the patient resulted in incredible results for me. Not only did the swelling and bruising markedly subside, but I also had no discomfort. Amy takes great pride in the results she is achieving and adjusts her methodology to get the results needed.
~ T.S., age 62
Amy is extremely knowledgeable in her field and you can tell she truly loves what she does. Her expertise goes beyond just providing facials and peels – she’s more like a “skin doctor”.
~ R.M., age 39
Amy’s lymphatic massage work surpasses any expectation or desire that one can have. Amy worked with me when I was recovering from one surgery and preparing for another. My recovery was 2 weeks ahead of the game and it was clear that this was due to the care I received from Amy. Her work is effective, calming and reparative.
~ C.L., age 56
I had 2 special events and she made me feel beautiful both nights. She listens to me, addresses my skin care concerns and informs me as to what I can expect. Amy is caring, gentle, professional and thorough.
~ L.C., age 41
Amy’s knowledge and training in her field is extensive and comes through immediately when her fingers touch you. Amy’s warmth and caring is a rare gift and I am fortunate to have been treated to it.
~ J.B., age 62
I first saw Amy for lymphatic massage to help with my healing after surgery. My doctor recommended the treatments after my surgical procedure and I was dubious about being touched so soon. However, I was amazed that her touch was so effective and comfort giving when I was so sensitive.
~ J.M., age 57
My Mom took me to have my upper lip and eyebrows waxed and for a facial. I came out feeling much prettier and more relaxed. Amy is really knowledgeable about my skin and products. She has inspired me to take care of my skin better.
~ E.L, age 17
If you are considering any surgical procedure it is essential that you follow up with Amy and her extraordinary lymphatic treatments if you want your recovery to go as quickly and successfully as mine did.
~ Carol, age 50
I’m sure Amy gets this a lot, but wanted to say that she does a fantastic job and is probably the best therapist at Google! I feel very fortunate that we have her.
~ D.S., Google Employee

Lymphatic Massage

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